Minibus tour around Spanish Scenery of Game of thrones

Last night, HBO broadcast the last chapter of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones“. A thrilling episode that left many questions in the air and some memorable scene for the fans (calm that we are not going to do spoilers).

This end is also the beginning of a long wait, since until 2019 the eighth and last season will not begin.

Minibus tour of Andalusia

Tour Minibus España

While the fiction returns we propose a Minibus or Bus Tour (16 to 55 seats) for the Spanish stages of “Game of Thrones”. We will begin with a tour of Andalusia to gradually unfold each of the locations.

Our country joined the series from the Fifth Season, with several Andalusian scenarios giving life to the kingdom of Dorne (almost in its entirety), Volantis and Meeren. To those who joined in the Sixth and Seventh season Extremadura, Catalonia and the Basque Country.



  • Los jardines de la luz rodados en El Alcazar de SevillaEl Alcázar (The Water Gardens, Dorne)
    The oldest royal palace in Europe in use and with a spectacular set of gardens and ponds. It is the real location of the “Gardens of Water”, the place of recreation and private residence of the Martells, with Prince Oberyn (already present in the fourth season) at the head.


Momento del rodaje Juegos de TronosBullring of Osuna (Sand of Meeren)
Inaugurated 110 years ago, it is the “Daznak Pit”; where one of the most spectacular scenes of the book “Dance of Dragons” takes place. As a curiosity we will tell you that it is the most multitudinous scene recorded in this series; and the most expensive in the history of television (for the time being).



  • Ruins of Itálica in Santiponce (Dragon Well)
    In the sevillian town of Santiponce is the Roman archaeological complex of Italica. They recorded for more than a month, around 500 people, and the final stage was modified with a computer.

Juego de Tronos en CordobaTour Minibus






Astilleros mediavales en SevillaLas Reales Atarazanas
They are medieval shipyards located between the Cathedral and the Maestranza de Sevilla. In the spring of 2018 the producer will use this scenario again in “Games of Thrones” (it is already confirmed).




  • Roman bridge (Volantis Bridge)
    Although it costs a bit to recognize it, the entrance to the city of Volantis is recreated in the roman bridge of Cordoba.

Puente Romano de CordobaEscenario de Juego de Tronos en Cordoba






  • Visita el Castillo de Juego de Tronos en CordobaCastle of Almodóvar del Rio (Rock Casterly)
    One of the best preserved castles in Spain. It dates from the 8th century and was reformed at the beginning of the 20th century. It is located 20 kilometers from Cordoba and is open to the public.


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